Cart Mart Plus
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Welcome to Cart Mart Plus. We sell Custom Golf Carts and some accessories depending on what you need. We showcase some of our best work on our Website but that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Our inventory
shifts daily so we keep our current deals on Facebookand Craigs List Chicago.

We are EZGO and MADJAX dealers and if we don't have what you are looking for we are always happy to help you find it.. Check out our products page for more info on discounts.  We are in the Golf Cart business because we enjoy what we do and we love taking EZGO Golf Carts to the next level. As a business, we've been around since 2003.  As a gearhead, I've been around - well - let's just say a lot longer. Since I was a child, I loved almost anything with wheels. From pedal cars, to bikes, to my first go cart, to my first car, to my first motorcycle, to what has come to be Cart Mart Plus, LLC the love of things that roll continues.

When people look at our inventory and ask if we sell used carts, I take that as quite a compliment as 99% of what we sell is used. While we specialize in custom carts, we understand that not everyone wants a custom showboat so we try to meet the needs of the person who simply wants something to kick around on as well as those who want something a lot nicer than their neighbors' cart.
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