Cart Mart Plus
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Custom Corner

Seems like every time we turn around someone else is selling golf carts. For some it's a sideline for others it's a hobby. For us it's our business which is now in its 14th year. So take comfort in knowing that we were here yesterday and we'll be here for you tomorrow. WE TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT WE SELL.

The bodies shown are for EZGO TXT'S and Medalist and will fit 1994 to current. We all stock new EZGO factory replacement bodies in both solid and metallic colors.
Check out our seats. Why? It's because you won't find these for sale anywhere. They are custom made for us by a local friend. Check out the matching blue stitching. The pleats are sew in, there not embossed by some machine in China. Don't like black and purple, we can make them anyway YOU WANT!